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Ron Johnson

From his boyhood days spent in a boat on a lake in Northern Wisconsin through years of professional achievements in the business world, Ron Johnson never abandoned his dream of making a living as a fisherman. With hard work and perseverance, Ron has integrated his business acumen and his desire for an angler’s life and realized his dream through RJ Fishing. Centered around his passion, RJ Fishing offers guiding services and brand promotion. Building a life focussed on his favorite pastime and competing nationally in his favorite sport, Ron is committed to sharing his love of angling and advancing his profile for the benefit of his sponsors.

A Boy And A Boat

Ron’s passion for fishing started early. Growing up in Wisconsin with a family cabin on the lake, he spent countless hours fishing with his dad, brother, and uncle. Throughout childhood and his teenage years, Ron dedicated himself to developing his skill and knowledge on the northern waters of his home state. By his teens, Ron had become a well-rounded angler, fishing everything from Walleye to Musky, but fishing Bass nurtured his true love for the sport.

“There is nothing more exhilarating to watch than a bass blow up on your lure as you bring it across the surface of the water…. if that doesn’t do anything for you, I doubt anything will! ”

After high school, Ron realized that his fishing heroes like Rick Clunn, Jimmy Houston, Denny Brauer, and Roland Martin were making a living spending their days fishing. The seed of a dream was planted. Ron continued to spend every spare moment on the water competing in local derbies and club tournaments and formulating a plan to achieve his dream of fishing for a living.

“I realized that there was much more to having a successful angling career than just fishing, and I struggled with the financial aspect of quitting my job to take a chance on trying to make it. Even though I knew fishing was what I needed to do, I had to do the responsible thing and maintain a career or create a backup plan while still trying to figure out a way to pursue my passion.


Extraordinary Fishing Adventures

RJ Fishing offers the fishing experience of a lifetime. Led by professional angler, Ron Johnson, your guided adventure will feature state-of-the-art equipment, boat and rig, fishing technologies. Out on the water you will practice your skills with Ron’s best tips, tricks, and techniques while exploring some of the best fishing spots in the country. Contact us now to start planning your one-of-a-kind fishing tour with Ron.

Realizing A Dream

Ron spent many years building a lucrative career in sales while continuing to pursue his passion for fishing on the side. It was the development of the skills necessary for success in a sales position that gave Ron a deep understanding of the importance of incorporating a business mindset into a fishing career to even make it feasible. Finally, after relocating to Arizona in 2005, Ron took the leap, incorporating all he had learned in business and on the boat and joining The Arizona Bass Federation.

Building a reputation as a competitive angler, Ron obtained the support of sponsors, allowing him to continue developing. He has competed at the Championship level nationally with the country’s best and has realized his boyhood dream of fishing for a living. In 2013, Ron suffered a severe back injury that forced him to cancel several tournament appearances. This setback highlighted Ron’s determination, commitment to his sport, and resiliency. He rebounded to maintain his on-water performance as a top-rated guide for The Arizona Fishing Guides while representing his sponsors at numerous trade shows.

Working hard on and off the water has helped Ron earn respect as a great promoter has gained the support of national sponsors. The partnerships with his loyal and enthusiastic sponsors have allowed Ron to assemble a world-class team in RJ Fishing. By combining his business experience and skills with his passion for fishing and his success as a competitive angler, Ron has created a unique model that allows him to continue to develop and compete, share his knowledge and love of fishing with others, understand emerging opportunities in the industry, and support quality brands.

Ron's Story

Ron’s story is one of passion, dedication, resourcefulness, and hard work. He brings each of these qualities to every guided fishing trip, every competition,  and every partnership. His love of fishing has not waned and his commitment to an aggressive tournament schedule, national appearances, and a prosperous guiding season sets the stage for a banner year. 

“As with every professional athlete, the support of my sponsors and commercial agents is invaluable. But my biggest support comes from my wife. Regardless of environmental conditions or final placement in standings, Michelle will always be there for the next tournament. But more importantly, by my side always.”

Connect with Ron Johnson Fishing for information on sponsorship and business development opportunities, world-class fishing experiences, pro-circuit competition schedules, cutting-edge industry brands and products, and to follow our successes this year.

Fishing For Life

Fishing For Life

Our mandate is to share our love of fishing and chase the dream of fishing for a living.  Follow our progress on the Pro Circuit, connect with us for Sponsorship and Brand Promotion opportunities, or book the fishing trip of a lifetime with Ron Johnson and RJ Fishing. Connect with us and let’s go fishing.

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